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Unique Technology

1) Qingdao Unique are the first and the original inventor for fresh flower digital printer and candle digital printer,We get the Japan Patent on July 17, 2007( Patent No. 3141795), the Australia Patent on July 28,2008 (Patent No. 2007101235), the USA Patent on Oct 17,2010 (Patent No. 11/885,367).

2) Qingdao Unique also the first inventor for 3D object digital printer which can print on regular curved objects, we had Apply World and USA Patents on April 8, 2008. In recent four years, we totally apply 69 national patents,12 international patents. Now , we had get 39 patents certifications, 3 international certification.

3) Qingdao Unique always design our unique printers with the latest new technology and completely focus on consumers’ demands and most care points.

4) Qingdao Unique are professional because had devoted ourselves in digital printing field more than eight years. Eight years’ technology accumulation allow us to satisfy each customer’s personal request, we can provide the customers’ the best personalized solution.

5) Low cost (both for inks and printers) and high efficiency are always our most attractive benefits we bring to customers who choose us!

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